Regio Sales & Services is the benchmark company in external sales forces.
  • Commercial outsourcing and Task force for companies

    We outsource sales force services to suit your needs.

  • Selling in shopping centres

    We can increase the impact of your campaigns in shopping centres throughout Spain.

  • Online sales outsourcing

    The best internet sales strategy to generate leads and sales

Outsourcing services

Commercial Outsourcing

Regio Sales & Services offers medium to long term commercial outsourcing arrangements for all sales or only for specific business lines.

Task Force

To increase sales capacity at peak times use a task force; ideal when your product is seasonal, you need to increase geographical or cost dynamics and to strengthen the sales network.

Selling in Shopping Centres

We can run your campaigns in large shopping centers for proactive selling of your products and services or to conduct promotional activities that generate traffic and support your marketing campaigns.

Point of Sale Outsourcing

If you need to outsource the management of your POS network in shopping centres or other establishments or you would like to create your own network, we offer our POS outsourcing service. Our professionals take care of everything from just managing the sales staff, to selecting the location, branding, strategy and full outsourcing of the store or sales offices network.

Online Sales Outsourcing

We design online sales strategies to generate qualified leads that are managed by a sales force or by phone and to generate exclusively online transactions for a particular produt or service.

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